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Game Over Screen

Welcome to Ben's Virtual Arcade!

Game tokens are free and unlimited! Please enjoy these games created and designed by Ben. To start a game, click on the green flag.  Click on the red stop sign shape to end the game.


Move around as the black cube in the shadows and find the hidden key. Click on the green flag to start then use the arrow keys to jump and move around through different stages. Can you use the key to unlock the door at the end?

Tip: Look for anything out of the ordinary

Project link:


Use the arrow keys to move around as the green snake and eat as many apples as you can. If you touch the edge or yourself, it's game over, so be careful!

Tip: Leave a lot of room when turning around so you don't run into your snake body

Project link:

Ultra Adventure!

This is a choose-your-own-adventure game where a talking cat takes you on a quest. Your goal is to stop the dragon from destroying the world. If you see "soft lock" you will need to start over

Tip: If you get stuck, click on the red stop sign and then the green flag to start over.

Project link:

Window Washer Simulator

Have you ever wanted to wash windows while it's still raining? Click on the green flag to start, and then move your mouse across the window to keep it clean. You win by clearing all the bubbles!

Tip: Use the space bar to switch tools

Project link:

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